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Etana Custody for Binance Clients

Etana is a custody service that enables clients to instantly fund their Binance accounts with multiple major currencies. Fiat is held in custody until an exchange transaction is completed and the asset(s) purchased have changed hands.

To use the Etana Custody funding method, clients need to create a separate profile at Etana Custody that connects to their Binance account for the purposes of wiring funds. This allows clients to instantly send funds back and forth between their Etana and Binance accounts.


To fund your Binance account using Etana, you will need to:

  1. Open an account with Etana as an Individual or Corporate user and pass KYC/AML verification.
  2. Register your bank account with Etana under the Funding Accounts tab for each currency you plan to wire.
  3. Link your Binance and Etana accounts (instructions)
  4. Once the wire has been received by Etana, your Binance account will automatically be credited.


Who is eligible?

Etana's services are available for citizens and residents of more than 100 countries. For a complete list of countries where Etana Custody may be used, see this FAQ article.


Please note that the ability to use Etana Custody for funding purposes is dependent upon passing KYC verification that is separate from the exchange. Individuals and corporations will be required to provide relevant government-issued documentation during the onboarding process. This may also include proof of source of income and other financial documents.


Clients can use Etana Custody to deposit the following currencies:

✓ Many more (please reach out to Etana support for a complete list)


*Wires sent in local currency will be converted (at current market rates) to the chosen base currency from above.


*FX conversion is also possible for balances held in Etana Custody wallets. Clients must reach out to Etana support for more information.

For the most up-to-date list of services available to Binance clients, please review our Help Center.