In order to onboard, please go to this site and sign up as a Business > c

You will have to do the following:

1. Fill in requested information

2. Download Required Forms, complete and upload
3. Upload supporting documents

I’ve attached an instruction manual for our site. Here is the list of documents for your convenience.

Etana Onboarding Documents:
1. Merchant Application
2. Custody Agreement
3. W8-BEN-E (Non-USA Entity) or W9 (USA Entity)

Supporting Documents:
4. Certificate of Incorporation/Articles of Incorporation
5. Operating Agreement/By-Laws
6. Registers of Directors and Shareholders
7. Company Organization Chart - Chart showing the corporate structure and information flow
8. Partnership/Trust Agreement or Deed (If Applicable)
9. KYC/AML Policy
10. Corporate Utility Bill (Not older than 90 days) - this should be addressed to your office address
11. Corporate Lease Agreement - for your office address
12. Proof of Regulatory Status (If Applicable)
13. Corporate Bank Statement (Last 3 months)

Corporate Representatives/Beneficial Owners/Shareholders:
(MUST Provide for each Representative)
(1) Passport: Valid and Unexpired and
(2) Proof of Address Not Older than 90 Days: Utility Bill – Water/Electric/Gas/Internet