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Global Custody for Digital and Fiat

As a fully regulated custodian, Etana provides global custody solutions for G10 fiat currency pairs and digital assets.

Etana acts as a global custodian for fiat and digital assets. For individuals and institutions, Etana offers a comprehensive technology platform allowing the custody of traditional currency as well as digital wallets through our partners. This integrated platform allows your assets to be available to all Etana's exchange partners where the client has an open account



Fiat Custody

For custody of fiat, assets are held in digital-friendly, insured bank accounts. When Etana clients link their accounts at our exchange partners, their balances are available to trade on the exchange without having to wait for lengthy or costly transfers. Time and money are saved, along with mitigating against counterparty risk.

Digital Asset Custody

For custody of digital assets, Etana's platform integrates a number of SOC-compliant sub-custodian wallet providers. The client may choose the provider and establish a new wallet or link a wallet that already exists. Multiple security and insurance levels are available, from cold storage to advanced MPC technology that creates cold wallet safety with the immediate trading access of a hot wallet.

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