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Etana Solutions for Individuals

Unparalleled security for individuals who buy, sell and hold fiat or digital assets.

Etana offers individuals unparalleled security that their assets will be safely held and not subject to counterparty risk. Traditional currencies are held in insured banks and digital assets are held in SOC-compliant depositories.


After executing transactions on the exchange your assets will not leave our trusted, digital-friendly bank accounts or sub-custodial wallets until the assets you've purchased are already in hand.


With Etana, clients in more than 120 countries can custody ERC20 tokens, various digital coins and tokens, and G10 fiat currency pairs.


Custody Fiat

For trading or investing in fiat, you can safely keep your assets on our platform and instantly use them at any of our participating exchange partners.

Custody Digital Assets

Assets can be traded from custody with participating exchanges and counterparties.

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