Protect your digital and traditional currencies. Etana allows you to interface with world’s leading exchanges with unrivaled security.


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Etana Solutions for Individuals

Etana’s technology platform offers individuals who buy, sell and hold digital assets unparalleled security that your assets will be safely held and not subject to counter-party risk. Traditional currencies are held in insured banks and digital assets are held in SOC-compliant depositories.


When you fund your Etana account that is linked with one of our partner exchanges, your assets are instantly available to trade on their platforms*. After executing transactions on the exchange, as a custodian, your assets will not leave our trusted, digital-friendly bank accounts or associated wallets until the assets you’ve purchased are already in hand.


Etana’s custody services mitigate the risk of an exchange being hacked, filing for bankruptcy or disappearing in the middle of the night, giving you the peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure.



• For trading or investing in digital currencies, you can safely keep your fiat assets on our platform and instantly available for use at any of our participating exchange partners. When you execute a trade, your funds will not leave your secure account until the exchange has transferred the assets you purchased. 



• Our platform and partners provide multiple storage options from true, air-gapped, vault cold storage to platform-integrated security of cold storage with instant availability convenience of a hot wallet (MPC).

All service options comply with SOC 1, 2 or ISO/IEC 27001 security levels and are insured for between USD 5 million to 255 million from leading international insurance underwriters. 


Etana's technology platform supports ERC20 digital coins and 12 top fiat currencies for citizens and residents of more than 200 countries and territories.

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*After the 3-5 business day window for wire transfers from your bank to Etana to complete. Once the assets are on the Etana platform, trading is without delay under most scenarios.