Protect your digital and traditional currencies. Etana allows you to interface with world’s leading exchanges with unrivaled security.


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Etana Solutions for Exchanges

Etana provides exchanges the most comprehensive suite of custody, treasury and regulatory compliance services available today.


Etana’s Custody services provide exchanges and their clients digital and fiat asset protection. Using our technology platform, Exchange clients can hold ERC20 coin in seamlessly integrated, insured, state-of-the-art wallets. In addition, custodied fiat (traditional currency such as US Dollars) is held in segregated accounts at digital-friendly that are insured. Our platform also allows exchange clients use of off-exchange trade settlement with both fiat and digital assets.


Our Treasury services offer unparalleled market access, allowing you and your clients to land and hold fiat in up to 12 major currencies.


Exchanges looking to partner with Etana benefit from existing workflows that meet regulatory standards ensuring asset security and capital efficiencies, while maintaining market efficiencies established by the exchange.


Additionally, as KYC/AML and other compliance regulations are strengthened, you can rest assured as enhanced due diligence like the Travel Rule has been a part of Etana’s processes since day one.


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