Prime Services

Seamless and secure execution that empowers your investment strategies across digital and fiat assets.

Qualified Custodian

Custody and associated asset servicing for a full range of portfolio assets, including fiat, securities, and digital assets.

Market Access 

BTC, ERC20, Altcoins, DeFi tokens, G10 currencies, money market instruments, and U.S. treasury securities.

Treasury & Collateral Management

Same-day multi-currency deposits, withdrawals, and conversions while providing yield opportunities on portfolio balances.

Trade Settlement

Etana acts as an agent or riskless principal in the facilitation of client-driven transactions.

Escrow Services

Mitigate counter-party risk through tri-party and related collateral management services.

Stablecoins & 

RWA Tokenization

Etana supports stablecoin issuers and entities seeking to tokenize real-world and financial assets.