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Through institutional investor-focused infrastructure, Etana empowers you to leverage digital assets with the utmost confidence and security.

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Prime Services for Market Access with Unparalleled Asset Protection

Etana's industry-leading suite of custody and trade solutions allows investors to manage cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and global currencies from a secure environment linked to various service providers. We provide trade support, fiat on/off ramp, robust market access, crypto clearing & settlement, and reporting.

With unrivaled security, we reduce counterparty risk, increase capital efficiency, and mobilize assets across venues for exchanges, institutions, investment pr​ofessionals, and individuals. We do this all while remaining consistent with best practice compliance standards and investment policy guidelines. Giving you peace of mind that your assets are protected and secure.  

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Etana Operates as a Unique Nexus Point in Serving:

Etana Custody is a regulated global digital asset custody provider that specializes in providing crypto custodian services to investors with secure, reliable storage solutions and efficient transaction processing. Through its institutional investor-focused infrastructure, Etana enables investors to leverage their digital assets with the utmost confidence and security.

We support innovation in financial services. Etana works with exchanges, institutions, investment professionals, and individuals to provide secure and regulated solutions in custody, trade settlement, and market access.