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Etana Custody
Earns Trust Charter

Hold and safeguard fiat and digital assets with an independent, qualified custodian.

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With unrivaled security, Etana allows you to interface with leading exchanges.

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Centralize your assets, gain access to liquidity and mitigate counterparty risk.

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Mitigate risk, lower costs, and store your assets.

Etana allows you to efficiently and securely manage the trade lifecycle. Etana’s proprietary technology and expertise in market functionality, workflows, and systems mitigates counterparty risk, enables capital efficiencies, and facilitates trade execution.

Etana achieves this through a network of digital-friendly banks and digital sub-custodians to enable the safekeeping of assets while providing trade receipt and settlement.

Etana’s service suite lets you:

  • Centralize your assets and gain access liquidity
  • Optimize the use of your assets
  • Utilize a broader range of value-added service

Etana offers protection of your fiat and digital assets. When you custody with Etana, you have peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure. With unrivaled security, Etana allows you to interface with leading exchanges.

Who We Serve


Etana offers individuals who buy, sell, and hold digital assets unparalleled security that their assets will be safely held.


Worrying about managing multiple custody partners, market & counterparty risk along with delays in moving assets are now a thing of the past.


Etana provides exchanges and their clients fiat and digital asset protection. Our platform allows off-exchange trade settlement.

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Our Services

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Global Custody

As an independent, qualified custodian, Etana provides global custody solutions for fiat and digital assets. Etana’s custody platform provides access to traditional finance and digital assets.

Mitigate counterparty risk, enable capital efficiencies, and facilitate trade execution with Etana

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Trade Execution

Trade Support

Gain access to a network of liquidity providers made up of institutions and exchanges that use Etana as a settlement venue. Etana's trade support platform provides real-time electronic settlement to counterparties allowing them to deploy more effective cash management.

Access to the markets, trade on or off-exchange, and reduce counterparty risk with Etana.

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Insights & News

BankProv Provides Banking-as-a-Service Support for Etana Custody

Etana Custody Brings New Digital Asset Services to Market at Consensus 2022 

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Etana Custody & Spotex Partner to Offer Secure, Enhanced Market Access to Digital Assets

Global ECN provider Spotex Digital and digital asset custodian Etana Custody have partnered to create physical trading and secure custodial services...

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Weekly News Roundup 9.27.2021

Top stories from last week include: Surveys from various sources discussing the adoption of crypto investing. Also, China bans crypto transactions.

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