Etana Custody Obtains Final Approval for Trust Charter

September 22, 2021 by
Etana Team

Colorado's first regulated global custody provider for fiat and digital assetsoffers institutional-grade, market-neutral, end-to-end customer solutions.

We have received final approval from the State of Colorado Division of Banking for a Colorado trust charter.

Colorado Seal

"We would like to thank the Colorado regulators for issuing our trust charter," said Brandon Russell, CEO of Etana. "This regulatory approval delivers peace of mind to our clients and enables us to broaden our offerings while still maintaining the highest levels of safety and security."

To view the press release, click Etana Custody Obtains Trust Charter

Refreshed Brand and Website

Given the new trust charter, we thought it would be appropriate to update our website and brand. Check out the new website.

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Digital Asset Custody is Booming

Etana was included in a recent analyst report from BLOCKDATA and CB Insights about the digital asset space. According to the report:

...When you're storing millions or even billions of dollars for institutional investors, you want to make sure it's done professionally.

That's not to downplay the importance of non-custodial solutions at all, but a reality in preference emerging in the market towards high-grade custody.

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