Ledger Enterprise Selects Etana Custody as U.S. Custodial Partner

April 19, 2023 by
Etana Team

Etana Custody to Provide Trusted, Regulated Custodial Service for Ledger Enterprise Clients

DENVER--()--Etana Custody (Etana), a regulated, trusted industry leader in multi-asset custody and support services, andin multi-asset custody and support services, aLedger Enterprise (Ledger), the world leader in critical digital asset security, announced a partnership today to benefit the companies' institutional client bases. Ledger Enterprise has selected Etana Custody as its U.S. custodial partner, and all institutional players can now use Etana powered by Ledger Enterprise. Additionally, Etana Custody clients can utilize the Ledger Enterprise platform as a subcustodian of their digital assets.

"As institutional interest in digital assets grows, so does the demand for regulated custodians who can meet enterprise compliance and security needs"

Etana Custody's commitment to operating a global, regulatory-compliant business is the company's core tenet and primary focus. For institutions that are required to separate assets, Etana is an obvious solution, offering a regulated corporate custodial environment. This offering is especially beneficial to Ledger Enterprise, which can now provide its institutional clients with its technology and Etana Custody's solutions, allowing for the segregation of funds and eliminating counterparty risk.

"As institutional interest in digital assets grows, so does the demand for regulated custodians who can meet enterprise compliance and security needs," said Brandon Russell, CEO and founder of Etana Custody. "Etana has the delivery mechanisms and regulatory footprint to deliver the secure trading environment that institutional clients are seeking. Our custodial solution promotes investor confidence in digital assets, which results in broader market participation and liquidity."

With complimentary offerings, Etana Custody and Ledger Enterprise bring institutional digital asset custody in line with the structures of traditional markets. Etana will utilize Ledger devices to manage digital assets backed by the security of Ledger's technology, supporting over 1,800 coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. In addition, the offering gives institutional clients options to diversify custody of digital assets according to business or compliance needs.

"We chose Etana Custody as our U.S. custodial partner due to its status as a regulated global custodian," said Pascal Gauthier, Chairman & CEO of Ledger. "In the industry, there is a current move to safety, and Etana Custody, as a strong and sustainable company, is an ideal partner for us with a regulated custodial offering that is advantageous for our enterprise clients."


Etana Custody is a regulated trust company that offers a comprehensive technology platform that allows exchanges, institutions, investment professionals, and individuals the tools to provide the highest level of oversight, security, and fiduciary responsibilities to its global clients. Etana's integrated platform allows the custody of traditional G10 currencies and digital assets through its cold, hot, or MPC wallet solutions. In addition, Etana's high compliance standards give clients peace of mind, knowing their assets will stay protected and secure.

For additional information, please visit www.etana.com.

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