Use one Etana account to fund multiple Exchanges

September 8, 2020 by
Etana Team

Etana's platform is designed to be a hub for all of your cryptocurrency transactions. Now, you can use your Etana account and link it to multiple exchanges.

At the time of writing, Etana links with both Kraken and Binance, allowing your single Etana account balance to be instantly transferred to both Kraken and Binance with no transfer fees. This is an incredible time and money saver; transfers between exchange accounts are typically slow (3-5 days for a wire) or expensive (3%+ for a payment service provider). When your balance is held with Etana, both of those issues are solved, allowing you unparalleled access to multiple exchanges while retaining the safety of your funds always being held in custody. Even when "transferring" your balance between Etana and the exchanges, the funds are held in custody until a transaction is completed and the asset(s) that you've purchased are deposited in your account.

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Stay tuned to our blog as additional exchange partners will be announced in the coming months.