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Why is Etana’s Custody Product so Unique? Brandon Russell, CEO Etana Custody

Etana Team Jan 20, 2023


Our custody product is unique because we deal with both sides of the market. We deal with fiat and we deal with crypto. That's one reason why we're unique.

On the Fiat leg, we might have competitors in the space that do that as well, namely bank custodians, that are entering digital assets. But typically, our competitors in the space are only offering USD, whereas we offer a G10 solution or a G10 suite of currencies for custody on the Fiat leg.

On the digital side of things, we discovered early that to maintain pace with best-of-breed technology in the crypto space as it relates to security, was potentially going to be a challenge and we didn't want to have that be a business pressure for us. So, we determined that instead of building out our own crypto solution for custody, we would just lean on the best of breed.

We've developed a sub-custodial network which allows us to plug into the top five to seven crypto custodians out there. It provides a single interface for clients as they are coming to Etana, so they don't have to have multiple relationships. It's one relationship to Etana and it gives you access to a whole sub-custodial layer or access on that front.

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