Candidate Challenge

Welcome Software Engineers!

A communication hub broadcasts a tuple containing six strings made of three alphanumeric characters to two settlements (Nova Moore & Stellington) and one starship (AMV Idaho) positioned in the solar system. The tuple’s values are:

( “4xZ”, “i8h”, “Lx0”, “1x7”, “i51”,” Zxh” )

The communication hub then sends a message to Nova Moore, another to Stellington and another to AMV Idaho. As per protocol each message contains a single alphanumeric character found within any of the tuple’s values and the character in the messages differ from each other. The goal of this process is for each of the communication hub’s recipients to respond with a bool whether they know the correct alphanumeric string provided by the tuple based upon the character. Each recipient’s response is readable by other recipients.

The recipients respond in the following order:

The communication hub queries Nova Moore:
Nova Moore responds “true”

Next the communication hub queries Stellington:
Stellington responds “true”

Finally, the communication hub queries AMV Idaho:
AMV Idaho responds “true”

Which string belonging to the tuple is the correct one?