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Are Your NFTs Secure From Theft?

FREE custody service for investors and creators available in Q1 2023.

Etana Custody partners with Bitgo to provide institutional grade, insured, NFT custodian services to individual customers all over the world for FREE in Q1 2023.

By opening an account with Etana you'll receive:

  • An extra layer of security protection against theft and hacking on your NFT’s, crypto, digital and traditional financial assets.
  • Compatibility with the most widely used NFT standards: ERC-721, ERC-1155, and Crypto Punks.
  • Global Custody services with unparalleled asset protection.
  • A roadmap to interact with DeFI and CeFi marketplaces.

Join the wait list today and get access to the first US regulated custodial solutions for NFTs >>>

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