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Etana Custody Blog

The Importance of Digital Asset Custody for Investment Professionals

Despite significant headwinds in 2022, digital assets remain poised for strong growth in the years ahead. 

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Employee Experience at Etana

While many tech firms have faced challenges in the past year and have had to reduce their workforce, Etana has taken a different approach. We have continued to grow and expand,..

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Hot Wallet vs Cold Wallet; How Custodians Secure Assets

The cryptocurrency market is worth an estimated $2 Trillion as of the first quarter of 2022, and although the crypto market has experienced highs and lows over that last six..

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Securing Digital Assets With Crypto Custody Services

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology have forever changed the landscape of trade and commerce and democratized how we transact currency and assets. Yet, despite the..

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How Registered Custody Providers Protect Digital Assets - Brandon Russell, CEO Etana Custody

"As markets have evolved and matured, third-party custody allows clients to mitigate counterparty risk by holding their assets away from the exchange." -  Brandon Russell, CEO,..

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